Black Management Forum's Esethu Mancotywa on Part 1 of the State Capture Report

The Black Management Forum says it does not want companies that are complicit in state capture to be allowed to operate. It comes as the US management consultancy firm, Bain and Co, has withdrawn from another business grouping after the State Capture Inquiry report part one was scathing of its involvement in the destruction of parts of SARS.
Bain says it does not want its membership of Business Leadership South Africa to distract from the work the organisation does. Business Leadership did suspend Bain as a member of the group in September 2018 following the damning findings of the Nugent Commission of Inquiry. But it readmitted Bain as a member after it repaid the tax agency R164 million it earned for its work at SARS plus interest. Bain says it unwittingly damaged the SA Revenue Services but denies willfully supporting state capture. It says it is disappointing that part 1 of the Commission's report mischaracterizes Bain's role at SARS. To discuss we're joined by the Deputy President at the Black Management Forum, Esethu Mancotywa.

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