Bitrix24 Webinar: Better Business Processes (8th November 2022)

In this webinar we showed how you can create Better Business Processes within Bitrix24. Including examples of processes for Sales, Project Management and HR.

What we covered:

✅ The visual editor tool for creating Business Processes

✅ Which entities can run Business Processes and how they can be triggered

✅ How Business Processes can integrate with other systems

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0:00 Intro
1:28 What is Bitrix24?
2:27 What are Business Processes?
4:05 What are Sequential Business Processes?
4:42 What is a State Drive Process?
5:35 CRM Automation Processes explained
6:45 Robotic Process Automation vs Smart Process Automation
8:30 How to run different types of Business Processes
10:20 How to run HR processes
10:44 How to run Business Processes in leads and deals
12:02 Viewing and managing projects
13:30 Where can you configure the settings to create a Business Process on a lead?
15:00 How to build a process using the editor tool
18:50 Setting actions and tasks at each stage of the process
24:10 How can we trigger Business Processes?
27:35 Live examples
36:09 Summary

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