Bitcoin ETF Countdown Clock

The ongoing Bitcoin ($BTC) ETF saga has been a subject of keen interest for institutional investors who are eagerly anticipating the SEC’s approval. On this episode, we take a look at a possible timeline for approval and chances of a denial by the SEC & Gary Gensler.

Guest: James Seyffart, CFA, CAIA ETF Research Analyst Bloomberg Intelligence

00:00 intro
00:20 Bitcoin ETF Status
02:32 Blackrock ETF
04:23 Odds it Gets Approved
08:20 Ripple v SEC Outcome
15:44 Crypto Politics
19:13 Who Gets Approved First?
21:50 Common Clock
23:39 Fidelity Ethereum ETF
26:26 Nasdaq Halts Crypto Plans
28:27 EU Regulation Pressures
31:49 outro

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~Bitcoin ETF Countdown Clock
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