Bitcoin Crash 2022 | BF LIVE #99

Join our CEO, Simon Dixon, for BF LIVE Ep.99.

Topic: Bitcoin Crash 2022

Simon Dixon will discuss the following during the 1 hour livestream:
- How to survive the Bitcoin bear market
- Investing during a Bitcoin bear market
- Protecting your wealth wealth in a bear market

Useful links mentioned by Simon Dixon for you to visit:
- Retirement Plan ฿™ Online Wealth Management Program (Registration page) https://www.retirementplanb.com/sign_up

- We've been busy rebuilding our online investment platform to scale the secondary market so we can launch a lot more deals by the end of this year.
- If you have not logged in for a while and have not yet updated the information requested on BF Identity, then you want to do that now so you don't miss the next deals that will be going live in the next few days!
-To meet our regulatory requirements you have to verify your account and certify your account and upgrade to one of the four tiers that are displayed when you login to your account on BnkToTheFuture.com.
- For now the next few deals will only be open to those that certify their accounts as High-Net-Worth (HNW) and prove that they have a net worth of $1m or more. You can still invest as little as $1,000 in each deal to diversify widely, but you will need to certify your account when you login. Time to do that now so you don't miss the next deal which we believe will be oversubscribed.
-If you don't have $1m of net worth in either crypto or traditional assets, then complete the process anyway as we are actively applying for three more licences that allow us to open up our primary and secondary markets to non-High Net Worth investors in the future. This requires us securing new licences and we will update you on that journey. Any deals you miss, we will aim to make them available to you on our secondary market as soon as the licences are secured.
- So don’t wait, get your account ready to see if you qualify to invest as soon as those new licences come in.
- If you are HNW, login and start now as the next deal is a big one and right around the corner this month.
- Well see you on BF LIVE Ep.99 on Wednesday 10th May 2022 at 5pm BST (UK) / 12pm EDT

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