BirdzAI - AI-Powered Data Analytics for Precision Pharma Sales & Marketing.

Building Foundation for Enterprise Data management capabilities is a core component of the digital transformation journey for any life sciences organization. Leveraging the most advanced and modern data environment enables data-driven decision-making. P360 BirdzAI is designed to help you to support your commercial organization with a prebuilt data model and data connectors for any company. Built on Microsoft Azure, P360 BirdzAI future proofs your investment with modern technology.

P360 understands the complex nature of different data sources and the consumption for different business units. With the BirdzAI platform, we have made it easy to deploy the world-class data platform and make it available in record times to bring value. Our data platform can support data at a petabytes scale to make your investment future-proof.

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You can find out more by visiting https://www.p360.com/birdzai/

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