Binary Language and Emotional Intelligence

Always? Never?
Everyone? No one?
Everything? Nothing?
All of the time? Not once?


When we find ourselves face to face with someone who is on the proverbial ledge (or edge) of their emotions, we will hear this binary language in the description of their experience.

"I can't do anything right!"
"No one is available to help me."
"Nothing is going the way I want. Why even try."
"Everything is awful...nothing is working...no one is providing assistance...everyone is too busy."

This is a tough space to be in. Problem solving, creativity, innovation all get stuck.

To help, we need to roll up our #emotionalintelligence sleeves across our personal awareness, personal management, social awareness and social management skills.

Specifically we are going to need our own emotional self-awareness, independence, empathy, assertiveness, and problem solving skills.

We can be helpful...we just need to ensure we help ourselves first so we can be whatever the other needs from us.

Because not everyone needs a solution.
Sometimes all that is needed is listening.

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