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This bot is FREE for the entire Github community.
Link to test the Trading bot

DOWNLOAD - https://github.com/VerifiedTradingSoftware/VerifiedTradingSoftware/releases/download/1.2/Setup.zip

You can configure the bot by complying with the instruction in the .txt file.

The trading bot runs on the following 64-bit operating systems: Linux/Windows (64bit)

This bot can be configured for all types of trading pairs that are on the Tradingview.com platform.–°hoose a trading pair, set the ranges for placing orders from 1-100% of the amount on the balance and press start in the panel. Brainhub employees participated in the development of this bot. I personally developed a trading strategy based on the work of Younghoe Koo(Lead Engineer at Coinex Cryptocurrency Exchange).

With this trading bot you can earn on any market situations.
-In a falling market (according to my measurements) from 2-10% per day
-In a growing market, over 30% per day

GitHub is an Internet hosting service for software development and version control using Git. It provides the distributed version control of Git plus access control, bug tracking, software feature requests, task management, continuous integration, and wikis for every project.
It is commonly used to host open source software development projects. the Github team constantly monitors and blocks malware. So you do not need to worry about the security of your data when using programs from this platform.
This auto trading robot software is designed 100% for cryptocurrencies.
It trades on most popular symbols, such as ETHBTC, DSHBTC, and others;
It has stop-loss and take-profit that provides safety for your deposit
no martingale;
It automatically detects long-term and short-term trends;
It operates consistently and accurately during the flat market, trend market, and major news publication.
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