Bill Ackman: Expert on Active Investing and Risk Analysis - 100 Years of Financial Wisdom in 2 Hours

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Bill Ackman is an American billionaire investor and hedge fund manager for Pershing Square Capital Management, who is the founder and CFO (chief executive officer) which is a hedge fund management company. His investment approach is typically called "activist investing" or "activist investor" as a title. In December 2012, Ackman issued a research report that was critical of Herbalife's multi-level marketing business model, calling it a pyramid scheme. Ackman disclosed that his hedge fund, Pershing Square Capital Management, sold short the company's shares directly (not with derivatives) starting in May 2012, causing Herbalife's stock price to drop.

Bill Ackman during the 2020 recession, had placed a $27 million CDS credit hedge and made $2.6 billion in profit when markets tanked. Everyone makes mistakes in investing, and have to assess risk management, when buying options OTM/ITM, the market doesn't always go your way, but if you're consistently successful you can grow your portfolio or business.

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