BIL Berated Us For Not Telling Him About College Fund We Saved Up For His Daughter Because... AITA

My (40F) husband “Robert” (45M) and I are childfree by choice. I’m an only child but Robert has a brother “Samuel”, and Samuel has a daughter “Shelby” who is 17 and a senior in high school. Shelby‘s mom and Samuel split up when Shelby was three, and he has never been a very enthusiastic father and did not file for custody, but he gets visitation and pays court-ordered child support.

Several years ago, Samuel told Robert that he wasn’t saving anything for Shelby for college. He said “Shelby’s mom can pay for it out of the child support I send her every month.” When I heard this, I suggested that we start saving some money each year in an account for Shelby that we would give her when she was ready for college.

We started putting money aside each year and we invested it well, so now the account has almost $35k in it. We didn’t tell anyone about the account because we didn’t know how much we would be able to save, and we didn’t want Shelby to count on money that wouldn’t be there. I have some chronic health problems and we thought we might end up needing the money we had saved for Shelby, but I’m doing better so we are now comfortable giving it to her.

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