BEV20501/BEF23401 : Electrical Engineering Lab 1

This video is a virtual briefing on lab experiments available in Electrical Engineering Lab 1.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the students about the basic concepts of electrical wiring installations including installation of lighting circuit, power circuit and electrical supply system. The methods of measuring DC and AC circuits using various types of measurements meters are also covered in this course. The contents of this course consists of Electrical Wiring Installation for Lighting Circuit, Electrical Wiring Installation of Power Circuit, Electrical Wiring Installation for Electrical Supply System Belong From KWh Meter to Consumer Control Unit, Basic Statistical Sampling, Measurement Using DC Bridges, Power Measurement of DC and AC Single Phase Load, Basic Electrical Measurement Using DC Source, Basic Electrical Measurement Using AC Source and AC Voltage Measurement by Using Oscilloscope.
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