Better Work Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the main textile and clothing exporters in sub-Saharan Africa and the sector is the country's largest employer behind agriculture, with an estimated workforce of over 100,000 workers.

In 2020, Better Work, a joint programme of the ILO and IFC, conducted a pre-feasibility study in Madagascar, followed by discussions on opportunities for collaboration with the tripartite constituents of the ILO, IFC and other stakeholders active in the textile and clothing industry. clothing in Madagascar. As a result, Better Work plans to conduct an 18-month pilot intervention jointly with the ILO office in Madagascar and in close coordination with national constituents and other relevant actors in the sector.

The intervention plans to respond to decent work deficits in the Malagasy clothing sector through an approach based on two main axes. On the one hand, the program will provide thematic services to the management and workers of textile factories using tools and methods proven by Better Work in other countries. On the other hand, it will target the needs of the tripartite constituents in terms of capacity building, with the aim of consolidating their respective roles in the clothing and textile value chain and in the governance of the labour market. This is an important aspect to ensure the impact and sustainability of the efforts within the timeframe set by this pilot initiative.

Better Work will start recruiting staff in 2021. We are excited to begin this new journey in Madagascar.
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