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After clearing written exams such as the NDA, CDS, and AFCAT, defence aspirants need to face an intelligence-cum-personality test administered by the Services Selection Board (SSB). Multiple phases of assessment are included in the 5-day SSB Interview. The Officer Intelligence Rating - OIR Testing is the first assessment of the SSB Interview, and it evaluates the candidate's intellectual functioning. These scores are evaluated in accordance with your performance in the next stage, the Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PPDT), which plays a significant role in the initial screening. The OIR Test is conducted to screen candidates and make final recommendations as it examines their reasoning ability, general intelligence, and time management skills. Thus, Centurion Defence Academy has prepared full-fledged OIR mock tests based on the most selective questions from verbal and non-verbal reasoning to assist aspirants in realizing their dreams of joining the Armed Forces.

Key Features of Centurion’s SSB OIR Mock Tests

The SSB Experts of Centurion Defence Academy have curated the SSB OIR Mock Tests with a profusion of the most selective questions for OIR Testing. These OIR Mock Tests for SSB Screening will help aspirants prepare for the screening stage with a strategic approach. Following are the primary features of Centurion’s SSB OIR Mock Tests.

Our SSB OIR Mock Tests will help candidates to gain a conceptual understanding of verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

These mock tests will help aspirants to get a detailed review of their own level of understanding.

The SSB OIR Mock Tests will enable candidates to focus on their weak areas for achieving optimum results.

Our OIR Mock Tests consist of the most important topics from reasoning to providing candidates a holistic understanding.

By attempting our OIR Mock Tests, candidates can learn time management skills to set their priority topics that require more attention.

Consistent practice with Centurion’s SSB OIR Mock Tests will boost the candidate’s level of confidence during the screening stage.

Benefits of Practicing Centurion’s SSB OIR Mock Tests

Centurion Defence Academy is a renowned platform for complete SSB preparation with India’s elite SSB Panel comprising ex-officers of the Indian Armed Forces. Our experts nurture the SSB aspirants with the utmost guidance to develop a greater understanding of their strengths and loopholes. Centurion’s SSB OIR Mock Tests will benefit candidates in several ways. The key benefits of our SSB OIR Mock Tests are given below.

Our OIR mock tests will provide you with a glimpse of actual SSB screening.

Only the most competent questions are included in our SSB OIR mock tests.

These mock tests are cost-effective and easily affordable at a minimum cost.

SSB OIR mock tests provide a better understanding of different topics.

Our OIR mock tests provide you with in-depth performance analysis.

These OIR mock tests will keep you ahead in your SSB preparation.


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