Best Smart Locks 2023: Aqara, Wyze, Eufy, Schlage, Level, Ultraloq, Geektale, Lockly, Philips

I bought 10 of the newest and most popular smart locks on Amazon and put them to the test. Which one is the best?

Best Overall: Aqara U100

Best Budget Pick: Wyze Lock Bolt

Best Remote Access Lock: Eufy C220

Best "No Smart Lock" Look: Level Lock+

Other locks tested:
Ultraloq Ubolt Pro:
Geektale Fingerprint Lock:
Philips Home Access:
Schlage Encode Plus:
Lockly Flex:
Lockly Secure:

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00:00 Introduction
00:33 Locks by Price
03:00 Traditional Keyway Access
03:43 Fingerprint Reader Tests
04:35 Apple Homekey Tests
06:04 Keypad and Pincode Access
08:49 Battery Life
10:15 Motor Noise
12:29 Build Quality
12:49 Hacking Potential
13:28 Conclusions
15:22 Patreon Giveaway
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