Best Practices for DevSecOps and Authority to Operate (ATO)

Shifting left and building software with security and compliance integrated from the start is critical to increasing trust in our digital infrastructure. As we have seen through recent executive orders and Department of Defense (DoD) memos, creating a foundation that enables a continuous ability to quickly certify and deliver software is critical to federal organizations being responsive enough to meet their missions.

Enabling the Assessor to reduce assessment time in an Authority To Operate (ATO) process is a prerequisite to shortening software release cycles in the government. When assessors have access to audit trails generated throughout the SDLC, they can be confident that software was built to adhere with NIST and other requirements thereby reducing their assessment time.

Join us for a virtual event with a panel of U.S. government cybersecurity experts to learn more about recommended best practices to obtain ATO and deploy software faster.
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