Best practice design & management of the OceanSave GPT

The OceanSave is a vortex type engineered stormwater treatment asset designed to remove litter, gross pollutants, sediment and associated pollutants from stormwater runoff as either a stand-alone technology or as part of a ‘treatment train’ (with stormwater treatment assets located downstream to provide further treatment).

This webinar provides an overview of the OceanSave – its components, performance, and how to appropriately design, install, and manage these assets to ensure their optimal function. The webinar was held on 30 September 2021, and includes a short presentation by Ocean Protect’s Damien Egan & Daniel Page, followed by answers to questions from attendees.

For more information about the OceanSave, check out https://oceanprotect.com.au/oceansave/ or contact Ocean Protect.
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