Best career advice for a job in Finance! | Hansi Mehrotra on Personal Finance | The House of Finance

What are the top 3 points for wealth management? How much important is insurance? What are the biggest mistakes in money management? What is the point of getting money after the age of 60?

The House of Finance brings to you a great podcast video with financial wellness expert Hansi Mehrotra who will share her views and opinions on personal finance, financial planning, money management, and more from her 20-year long career in finance to help everyone take the right steps toward good financial decisions. She is also the founder of The Money Hans which is a financial education initiative to make people especially women be aware of good financial habits.

In this podcast, you will learn about the life story of how Hansi Mehrotra built a good career in finance after starting in a small town in India. You will learn from her story and experiences to not only make better money behaviors but also for better life decisions. Learn about the importance of insurance, money management, and real estate for a safe and successful life. Also, get some tips for a good life balance.

Links to Hansi Mehrotra social media handles -

Site: https://www.themoneyhans.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheMoneyHans/about

00:00 Introduction
01:06 What is your back story?
04:08 What attracted you to finance?
05:48 How did the transition take place into finance?
09:16 What did the sales job teach you in life?
12:34 How can CFA help you in life?
16:25 Why CFA is not recognized much in India?
18:25 Is CFP a good option for wealth management?
21:37 What's the best career advice for anyone in finance?
25:35 What is the best trait to ace interviews?
27:52 What books do you suggest?
29:25 Is the market overvalued right now?
34:49 Why do you not invest in futures options and crypto?
35:13 What are alpha and beta in the stock market?
42:00 What is your attempt through MoneyHans?
45:08 Is DCF(Discounted Cash Flow) useful for general public?
48:08 Do people make more money in real estate than stocks?
50:29 What are some biggest blunders in wealth management?
59:20 What is the point of getting money after age of 60?
01:04:36 What 3 things comprises of Money Management?

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