Behavioral Therapy to Nurture Self-Management Skills with Dr. Nerissa Bauer

Take a quick listen to this clip from my solo cast where I discuss how behavior therapy teaches a child or teen how to work with their brains and understand their symptoms.

The full length episode is available for members of the TEACH ME ADHD and ADHD Sleuths community hosted by Dr. Nerissa Bauer of Let's Talk Kids Health, LLC. If you are a parent to a child with or at risk for ADHD, make sure to check out her website for resources (https://www.letstalkkidshealth.org)

TEACH ME ADHD is her signature course offered 2 times a year for kids (age 8-12 Years) to take WITH their parents so together they learn about what ADHD is, set up systems at home and school and rediscover fun. This course sets children up for success so they can thrive with ADHD and embrace their superpower.

ADHD Sleuths is a monthly membership learning community for parents of preschool or school age children at risk or with ADHD. More information about these programs and more are at Let's Talk Kids Health.


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