Becoming More Assertive: Tips on Speaking Up

Becoming more assertive tips on speaking up focuses on how to be more assertive at work as a woman, as well as a manager. Becoming more assertive is important for many #accountspayable and #accounting professionals. The session starts with a talk on identifying and dealing with passive aggressive people, identifying and dealing with aggressive people as well as passive situations.

This assertiveness training focusing on communication skills. Communication skills are important part of personal development. Developing self-esteem means learning how to be assertive or how to be more assertive.

Speaking up for yourself is one of the important ways to becoming more assertive. Speaking up for yourself at work is a critical skill for everyone in the business world. You will need to communicate effectively at work if you want to get promoted.

The session has tips for you to communicate with aggressive people as well as identifying your personality type. It will also explain the difference between assertive and aggressive. Many don’t realize that aggressive personalities often rely on bullying techniques that create a toxic work environment. By learning how to behave assertively but not aggressively you will be able to stand up for yourself, advance your career, reduce stress without having to walk all over other people.

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