Become A Candidate Experience Champion with The CandEs!

We know you’re busy. Crazy busy. Hair on fire busy. We know it’s a tight labor market, employees are quitting in record numbers, and candidates are demanding more flexibility in how and where they work today. We know your req load is out of control.

We know you need help. Improving your overall candidate experience has never been more critical. Diversity and inclusion, employee referrals, employer branding, and retention strategies, round out your candidate experience competitive aspirations.

Talent Board can help you become a CandE Champion by:
» Benchmarking your candidate experience anonymously and confidentially
» Giving you a much deeper data dive into your candidate experience benchmarking data
» Building and managing your candidate experience program
» Reviewing and optimizing your candidate experience from pre-application to onboarding
» Offering self-paced learning, trainings and workshops for your leaders, recruiters and hiring managers

Learn more on the Talent Board site here: https://www.thetalentboard.org/services/
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