Basketball Shooting Styles and Technique | Post Gym Workout

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My name is Vjaughn J.C. Ingraham. A 20 year old; born in Nassau, Bahamas. I’m in Business and Entrepreneur Management at VUU. I’m a former track team member, and R-DA, maintain safety and engage in the school community. I'm certified in mental health, cpr and safety as well.
I’m a former athlete who competed mainly in running and swimming and was much distinguished and athletic, a learn to swim Coach back home and signed to PTG Modeling Agency. I'm a person who is passionate about health, fruits and other food, meditation, fitness, modeling, and content creating and artist. My goal is to continue to grow myself and my brand, inspire people, give my followers great
content, knowledge, wisdom, and products.

I want to use my knowledge, wisdom, lifestyle, and creativity; to inspire the world through my social media presence and day to day presence. Encourage people to be mindful, meditate, work out, be self-aware, more positive, and engage in more positive activities. Seeing others eat healthier, taking tips and advice, showing support, and getting new perspectives is heartwarming.
Alongside my content creating, I decided to become an author and instructor using my talents about meditation,
yogic lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and so forth.

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