Basics of the Clean Air Act (ELI Summer School, 2022)

Basics of the Clean Air Act

The Clean Air Act (CAA) has major impacts on the environment, human health, and the economy. Following rollbacks in CAA regulation and compliance under the Trump administration, some of which took place in response to COVID-19, the new administration has highlighted that the goal of addressing clean air and carbon issues will be high in agency priorities. The EPA is now working on its third attempt at regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

As the regulations under the CAA continue to be at the center of developments in environmental law, this session explores both the foundations and real-world examples of the CAA. Our expert faculty will dive into:

permitting programs
air quality planning regulations
standards for major sources, area sources, mobile sources
major developments, including in regulation of greenhouse gases under the Biden administration
Suma Peesapati, Environmental Justice and Community Engagement Officer, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Moderator
Evan Belser, Policy Strategist and Managing Counsel, Ford Motor Company
Angela Morrison, Partner, Earth & Water Law PLLC
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