Basheer Juma-Self Organization and time management for Academicians.

Centre for Peace and Global Studies-Islamabad-Pakistan
Four days' virtual Workshop for Teachers and Professors.
A-01-Introduction. -
A-02-Objectives of the training.
A-03-Activity-16 squares becoming 30 squares.
A-04-Understanding life.
A-05-Importance of time.
A-06-Benefits of time management.
A-07-Where do we spend our time and exercise?
A-08-Symptoms of poor time management.
A-09-Our time wasters and its categories.
A-10-Time wasters in pictures, images, and cartoons.
A-11-Dealing with time wasters.
-Day B- 24 November 2021-
The B-12-Islamic perspective of time management.
B-13-The Life and the Time management process.
B-14-The Time Management Grid. The lanes and wheels of life.
B-15-The Life and Time Management Process-Step-One-
B-16-The Life and Time Management Process-Step-Two-
B-17-The Life and Time Management Process-Step-Three-
B-18-The Life and Time Management Process-Step-Four-
B-19-The Life and Time Management Process-Step-Five-
B-20-The lanes of life and time spending. -
B-21-The Wheels and Success factors. -
B-22-The Lanes and Wheels-Self assessment or gap analysis chart.

Day C- 25 November 2021-
C-23-Terms and understanding. Important, urgent and values.
C-24-Practicing priorities method or practice aid.
C-25-The Eisenhower grid system.
C-26-The energy level and the prime time.
C-27-The universal values.
C-28-The eighty twenty rules.
C-29-The Parkinson laws.
C-30-Goal setting.
C-31-The management and its function.
C-32-How to manage our time?
C-33-Not to do list and to do list.
Day D- 26 November 2021-
D-34-Performance indicators and professional skills.
D-35-Professional development skills.
D-36-Habits of effective teachers.
D-37-Characteristics of effective teachers.
D-38-Virtual meetings and work from home.
D-39-The teamwork.
D-40-The leisure time.
D-41-The family time.
D-42-Shopping and purchasing.
D-43-The Covid-19 ramifications and norms.
D-44-Summary of presentations.
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