Bamboo Systems Group: The Enterprise ARM Computer Company’s Journey So Far

The on-premises server market is ripe for an overhaul. With four-decade-old, stagnant x86 architecture still sitting at the helm of many data centers, it’s time to go the way of the hyperscaler and start finding more effective and efficient solutions.

Bamboo Systems feels they’re uniquely positioned to skipper this data center upheaval with their enterprise-specific ARM offering. Listen as Bamboo’s CEO, Tony Craythorne, and Head of Product Management, Mark Wade, share with our delegates their journey as the Enterprise ARM Compute Company in this Tech Field Day Showcase by Gestalt IT.

Tony Craythorne, CEO at Bamboo Systems https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonycraythorne/
Mark Wade, Head of Product Management at Bamboo Systems https://www.linkedin.com/in/markjwade/

Justin Warren https://twitter.com/JPWarren
Kurt Marko https://twitter.com/KRMarko
Stephen Foskett https://twitter.com/SFoskett
Denny Cherry https://twitter.com/MrDenny

For more information on Bamboo Systems Group, visit https://www.bamboosystems.io/.
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