Baird Wealth Management Texas Open (Live Stream) - Men’s and Women’s Doubles

Welcome to the Baird Wealth Management Texas Open presented by the Professional Pickleball Association. Today's pickleball match-ups will feature some of the top-ranked pro men’s and women’s doubles teams in the world, including Ben Johns/Collin Johns, Lucy Kovalova/Callie Smith, Riley Newman/Matt Wright, Anna Leigh Waters/Leigh Waters, Jay Devilliers/Tyson McGuffin, and Catherine Parenteau/Lea Jansen.

Location: Oasis Pickleball Club (Rockwall, TX)

Men’s Draw:

1 Johns/Johns
2 Newman/Wright
3 Devilliers/McGuffin
4 Dawson/Smith
5 Smith/Loong
6 Koller/Wilson
7 Frazier/Young
8 Stone/French
9 Rettenmaier/Burrows
10 Deakin/Ignatowich
11 Arnold/Tellez
12 Goldberg/Alshon
13 Johnson/Marsh
14 Auvergne/Cincola
15 Dow/Scarpa
16 Bond/Seward

Women’s Draw:

1 Kovalova/Smith
2 Waters/Waters
3 Parenteau/Jansen
4 Irvine/Bright
5 Sheehan-Dizon/Jones
6 Tereschenko/Wright
7 Grechkina/Mayorga-Perry
8 Schneemann/Oshiro
9 Burr/Andersen
10 Tavernier/Bates
11 Hessert/Mattingly
12 Fudge/Padegimaite

About Our Sponsor: Baird Wealth Management is the official wealth management partner of the Professional Pickleball Association. Just like pickleball is more than a paddle and ball, wealth management is more than just investing and financial planning. When done right, it’s a relationship between you and a trusted financial partner – someone who understands your priorities and values and has a personal interest in seeing you attain the future you want for yourself and those closest to you. At Baird, we take that relationship personally. That’s why we strive to provide you with all the advice, services and resources you need to make the best decisions for your future. In the same spirit of how our financial advisors champion their clients, Baird is excited to support the sport that’s sweeping the nation. For more information on what Baird Wealth Management can do for you, visit www.BairdWealth.com.
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