Bachelors of Business Administration | Career Guide

IIMS, Bhubaneswar offers 3 Years, full-time BBA (Hons) programme. This programme provides rigorous training in business Management encompassing areas such as General Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Finance. The emphasis is on contemporary issues affecting business management and to face challenges in a increasingly dynamic environment and the development of skills across organizations and sectors.

Programme Objectives

✔ To understand the business concepts and principles;
✔ To identify and define problems and opportunities in business scenario;
✔ To effectively communicate management concepts, plans and decisions in written reports and oral presentations;
✔ To demonstrate professional conduct within any team activities; and
✔ To develop the culture of business and entrepreneurial aptitude.
✔ Observe and interpret data-sets to uncover potential opportunities.
✔ Apply best practices to analyze, evaluate and recalibrate large sets of data to achieve optimal decisions.
✔ Apply business theories and concepts to practical problems and analyze corporate data for a variety of business purposes at top consultancy firms.
✔ Build models for projects and business plans based on predictive analysis, operative environment and business aims.
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