Azure Zurich User Group: Your Zero Trust Gameplan for 2022 by Martin Meyer

Recent incidents have shown: An on-premises attack can affect your cloud environment too. But you still want/need to manage security for the whole picture (on-premises/Cloud/Multicloud). And if you have attended any security webinars in the last two years, it would be hard not to hear about zero trust. The fancy high-level marketing slides gave us all a nice introduction into the topic and into the Zero Trust Deployment model. You may also have heard that Zero Trust is a journey and you need to start somewhere and somehow. But where and how? None of these sessions actually provide concrete answers to these questions.

This session “tries” to be different. Martin will provide a gameplan for a Zero Trust implementation. It’s time to cut some (synced) cords from onprem to make your Azure environment more secure, using divided management accounts and Microsoft security services. This session is focused on Azure Active Directory/Microsoft Security/windows-based enterprise environments.

Martin works as a Senior Cloud Engineer at scopewyse (https://www.scopewyse.com/). He focused on Azure AD, security and hybrid operations in the last couple of years and supports customers from various industries in these topics. Martin worked with Microsoft products his entire career and gained experiences in industry, banks and public sector companies.
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