Azure Sentinel - The New Intelligent Security Analytics for Enterprise

Categorized as a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool, Microsoft claims that Sentinel is the first of its type in the Cloud. This innovative service uses artificial intelligence to scrutinize data for detecting threats. It allows customers to borrow computing powers from Microsoft to crunch the information instead of purchasing and maintaining expensive servers. Join the session to take a deep dive into Azure Sentinel.

The session will focus on:
The session focuses on understanding of Azure Sentinel with all what and whys? We are also going to understand how Azure Sentinel collects data from all the sources along with Azure Sentinel configurations.

What will you learn from this session?
What is Azure Sentinel?
Why Azure Sentinel?
How Azure Sentinel Works?
How to configure Azure Sentinel?
Investigating with UEBA
Responding to the threat using automation
Kusto Query Language in Azure Sentinel and much more...

Speaker Bio - Krunal Trivedi, Microsoft MVP - Azure, MCT-India Regional Lead
Krunal has been serving the IT industry for 14 years now. He has delivered training sessions for various IT MNCs in India as well as abroad. Apart from the training session he is also a part of software/product development where he is involved as lead -architect/consultant. He is Microsoft MVP - Azure, Microsoft Certified Trainer - MCT as well MCT - India Regional Lead.

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