Azure real-time analytics with Prem Radhakrishnan

Azure real-time analytics with Prem Radhakrishnan

00:00 - Introduction
02:19 Agenda
03:47 Transactional databases OLTP
05:05 reporting databases - OLAP
07:36 Real time analytic - use cases
09:36 Hybrid Transaction/ Analytical Processing (HTAP)
14:16 HTAP in Azure SQL
30:36 HTAP in Azure SQL - Demo
37:50 HTAP in Cosmos
49:51 The big question - Do we still need a data warehouse?

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Prem Radhakrishnan

Prem is a Solution Architect at SSW and brings over 12 years of enterprise software development and management experience to the SSW Team.

Having worked with clients across various domains including telcom (Vodafone, Telstra), automotive (Toyota, Audi, Mercedes Benz and more), pharma (Bayer, Schering Plough) and retail (Big W, Dick Smith, Navman), Prem specialises in building bespoke solutions and platforms for his clients.

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