Azure Podcast #42 - Azure Firewall Premium and Azure Static Web Apps

On this Azure Centric Podcast, we are talking about the newest Azure features announced during this week. Marcos Nogueira and Andrew Lowes bring their point of view on these new Azure features:
• Generally available: Service Tag Discovery API
• Azure Firewall Premium now generally available in five new Azure regions
• New centralized management experience for Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server in public preview
• Public preview: Customize Azure Static Web Apps authentication with a serverless function
• Generally available: IP-based website protection for Azure Static Web Apps
• General availability: Azure Monitor application insights in Azure Spring Cloud

You will find videos about Microsoft Azure Technologies, Microsoft Certifications and Technology in general on this channel. The Podcast series is a very informal conversation with different guests. The Azure Concept series is where we bring the real-life experience of using Azure Technologies on the field. Don’t forget to subscribe and make sure to hit the like button and share this video if you enjoyed it.

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