Azure Administrator | AZ - 104 | Tutorial | Session - 1- by scmgalaxy

Azure Administrator | AZ - 104 | Tutorial | Session - 1- by scmgalaxy
In this video tutorial, you can learn about Azure Fundamental | Azure Administrator | Azure DevOps
This course will help you to integrate all the real-world experience, specialization, and job-ready skills.
After going through this tutorial, I promise you that the concept and understanding of the Azure will be absolutely clear to you.
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Following are the topics covered in the video:
1. Azure Fundamental (AZ - 900)
Describe Cloud Concepts
Describe Core Azure Services
Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure
Describe general security and network security features
Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features
2. Azure Administrator (AZ - 104)
Manage Azure identities and governance
Implement and manage storage
Deploy and manage Azure compute resources
Configure and manage virtual networking
Monitor and back up Azure resources
3. Azure DevOps (AZ - 400)
Develop an Instrumentation Strategy
Design and implement logging
Design and implement telemetry
Integrate logging and monitoring solutions
Develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy
Develop a security and compliance plan
Manage source control
Facilitate communication and collaboration
Define and implement continuous integration
Define and implement continuous delivery and release management strategy
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Pre-requisite for this course
- Anyone who is in the IT/Software and EC domain, Can become a DevOps engineer.
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