Azerbaijan Migration Governance (2 of 4 in series)

This video specifically focuses on the institutional framework and governance mechanisms existing in Azerbaijan in the field of migration.

Azerbaijan country study:

Azerbaijan migration policy:

00:00 Introduction
00:34 Institutional framework
00:42 President of Azerbaijan
01:20 State Migration Service
03:37 Migration Volunteers
04:11 ASAN Service
05:18 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
05:50 Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population/MLSPP
06:33 Ministry of Internal Affairs
07:06 National legislative framework
08:05 IAMAS
08:51 One-stop-shop principle
09:19 UMIS & IAMAS
10:10 Legislative framework
11:06 UMIS
11:43 E-visa
12:33 Conclusion

*Thank you to Sevinj Mastiyeva for helpful assistance with this video

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