AWS Management & Governance: Configuration, Compliance, and Audit - AWS Online Tech Talks

Customers have a constant need to define a desired configuration for their resources, following internal policies or regulatory requirements. In this tech talk we learn how to set a desired configuration, audit, and remediate your resource configurations using AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail. You will also learn how to use AWS Config to monitor and track resource configuration, and AWS Config Rules and Conformance Packs to set desired configuration, evaluate configuration compliance and risk, and remediate configuration drift. We also learn how to use AWS CloudTrail to simplify compliance audits by recording and storing event logs for actions made within your AWS account.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn the basics of AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail
*Understand how configuration compliance works with AWS Config
*Understand how to auditing can be simplified by using AWS CloudTrail

***To learn more about the services featured in this talk, please visit: https://aws.amazon.com/products/management-tools/
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