AWS IAM Tutorial 2021 | AWS Identity And Access Management (IAM) | AWS Tutorial | Simplilearn

This video on AWS IAM tutorial covers all the important concepts and components from basics to advanced for beginners to give them a clearer picture of this concept. Also it covers all of the various aspects around it like what is AWS IAM and how it works, what are its benefits and features like access to AWS account, it's policies and MFA, and some of the very important components of AWS IAM like IAM Role and EC2 Instances.There is a proper demonstration for every fold for your better and in depth understanding of the concept.
These are the topics we will be discussing in this video:
00:00 What is AWS Security?
04:15 Types of Security
08:15 What is AWS IAM?
10:49 Benefits of AWS IAM
15:06 How AWS IAM works?
19:11 Components of AWS IAM
33:54 Features of IAM

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