Avoid Death by CAPA: The Modern Approach to Quality Event Management

Quality event management (QEM) can be slow and costly. Especially if it isn't digitized. The more events you push through corrective action/preventive action (CAPA), the more likely you will suffer "death by CAPA." That means duplicated efforts, hard-to-identify issues, and training problems that drain your time and your resources. A risk-based approach can eliminate death by CAPA. By digitally connecting every part of the QEM process, you can automate the actions that follow quality events and gain the agility necessary to keep up with evolving business processes.

Key takeaways:
• Industry guidelines and best practices for managing quality events.
• Effectively identify root cause and other benefits of digitizing your QEM processes.
• Tips for implementing a digital system.
• Learn how to stay compliant and resolve quality events faster.

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