Avoid करें ये Financial Non-Sense | ET Money हिंदी

“Money eases the cost of those who borrow it” Now what the heck does this mean? I won’t be surprised if a few thousand educated people end up liking and retweeting this vague collection of words. Similarly, check out this statement “Freedom and space transform the abstract meaning of money” Again, this phrase means nothing to me and it’s the detection and measurability of financial bullshit like this is what the academic study I referred to earlier was trying to find.

In Fact the paper acknowledges that the field of finance is often portrayed as a complex and difficult area of decision-making where interactions are commonly characterized by jargon, acronyms and slogans. Further the study goes on to say and mark my words the study says that young males with a high income and who are overconfident about their financial knowledge are most susceptible to financial nonsense.

And surprisingly, per the authors the people who are best able to detect financial bullshit and are not affected by impressive financial language were actually people at the other end of the spectrum i.e. older women with low incomes who were not overconfident of their financial expertise. Of course, one cannot generalize that all young men fall for financial gibberish but a reasonable interpretation of the results does show that men are more easily impressed by financial jargons and statements.

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