#AventisKnows Season 4 Ep. 1 | The Five Types of Intelligence that You Need to Learn Today

Think it’s all about IQ? Think again. Intelligence matters. But recently, business leaders have begun to place more emphasis on “soft skills” – those intangible qualities that make the difference between being a dear or dreary coworker. More recently, a new vocabulary has emerged for individual competencies with a range of “quotients”— IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, and SQ. What do you consider to be your strongest “quotient” and how can you leverage it in your education and career? Tune in to get a quick primer on these terms so you can put your best foot forward and help others harness their strengths!

In this episode, we have the Founder of Global Max Academy, Maxine Teo, with us to share more on the topic. She is one of the most prolific speakers in Asia and what sets Maxine apart from most trainers in the industry is her ability to connect with her audiences instantly with her authenticity and personal energetic style!

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