Automate bulk category updates in SAP SuccessFactors Learning using SAP Process Automation

Learn how to accelerate and simplify the removal of unwanted categories by automating the process of deleting no longer relevant tags from each course in your learning management system. Business users can automate this tedious manual task using an RPA bot that reads the updates from an Excel sheet to automatically apply the required updates directly in your SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution.

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00:00 Automate bulk category updates in SAP SuccessFactors Learning
00:14 Challenges and value of increasing automation in SAP SuccessFactors LMS
02:50 Using an RPA bot for bulk category updates
03:34 Demo: User experience running the bot automation
05:26 Demo: Understanding the automation sequence
06:19 Typical use cases for increasing automation in SAP SuccessFactors
08:32 Key takeaways

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Series info:
This guided demo is part of our hyperautomation community series “Human Capital Management”. The series provides you with four guided demos showcasing how the SAP Business Technology Platform can help you increase the level of process automation in enterprise applications such as SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and SAP SuccessFactors Learning.

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