Autodesk Build - Working in the Field with Sheets

Autodesk Build connects project teams from in the office to those working out in the field. We can share documents, drawings and models directly from Autodesk Docs to Autodesk Build. In this video Gareth will talk you through how we can do this.

If you wish to learn more about the Autodesk Construction Cloud check out the Autodesk Construction Cloud web page: https://construction.autodesk.com/workflows/construction-project-management/

You can also get in touch with our sales team either by phone or email.
Tel: 01844 263700
Email: [email protected]

And finally did you know Man and Machine have a blog where our technical team post tips, tricks, and useful information about all Autodesk products not just the Autodesk Construction Cloud: https://www.manandmachine.co.uk/about/blog/
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