AuditTalk - Strategic Risk Management

Today’s risk professionals are at an important juncture: the ongoing global pandemic and its economic and social repercussions have highlighted weaknesses in enterprise risk management (ERM) and resiliency programs, in addition to placing pressure on revenues. Simultaneously, never before have there been so many emerging technologies to help the organization reduce risk management costs and improve risk data quality. Rather than remain in a stance of protective paralysis, now is the time to move beyond crisis and recovery mode.

In this episode of AuditTalk, Larry Harrington, Former CAE of Raytheon Company, delves into how internal audit can proactively confront operational weaknesses, including:

• Getting up to date on industry analysis and thought leadership regarding the current risk environment — and sharing your learnings with the C-suite and board.

• Step by step guidance to build more effective resiliency plans and enterprise risk management programs for the future.

• Examples of how Raytheon addressed key risks — including corporate culture, sustainability, and digitization and technology.

Watch the full AuditTalk video to hear Larry discuss top whitepapers, cautionary tales, and practical steps to embed risk management across the organization.

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