ATV WHEEL SALE best quality manufacturer---DZB WHEEL

ATV WHEEL SALE best quality manufacturer

In this video, I’ll show you ATV WHEEL SALE best quality manufacturer. Enjoy and subscribe this video!

Jiangsu Dongzhibao Wheel is a large private enterprise, established in 1984, is the earliest motor steel wheel manufacturer, and the first strategic partner of Geely Group.

In the past 30 years, we keep focus on steel wheels researching and manufacturing, always remain as the leading position in China. Our factory develops from 5000 square meters at the beginning to more than 100,000 square meters at the moment, and we experiences many times leap-forward development,

Jiangsu Dongzhibao Wheel Co.,Ltd adheres to “pursuit excellent, service globe” business purpose and “unity,struggling, innovation” enterprise spirit. Relying one the flexible management of private enterprise, absorb the theory of modern enterprise system, striving to build a modern enterprise group with industrial diversification, operation integration, capital socialization, management scientific and service globalization .

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ATV WHEEL SALE best quality manufacturer

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