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Welcome to the Advocate On PlusTV Africa where a panel of 'passionate for change' individuals discuss thought-provoking topics in an atmosphere of seriousness, decisiveness, and laughter. Here, we call a spade a spade. And Like we say here, no holds barred.

The world is changing at a very unprecedented rate and greatly affects our ability to manage time effectively. There is a saying that movement is not always equal to progress. This is true because we all have the number of hours in a day and do so much to ensure we come out tops with the results on daily basis.

Black tax refers to the financial support which is expected of any working class individual by their families. While some see this as an obligation, others don’t. Some do it with joy, others don’t.

Good governance is a guarantee of the expectation of the governed. It employs fairness and upholding common values above individual interests.

If there’s one thing we should have picked in 2020 from COVID-19, it’s how we must increase our flexibility and adaptability especially with the way we work. We have seen several companies adopt the remote working structure while a few traditional companies are struggling to keep up.

Advocates Of The Week:
Victor Onyekere
Raymond Okpani
Ruth Mbanali
Felix Elijah
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