About the Speaker -

Br.Asif is an Indo Canadian, born in the Hyderabad city of India.
He is academically a Computer Sciences Engineer and a post graduate in International Business Management from Toronto, Canada.

Br. Asif is a public speaker on Islam and Comparative religion and has delivered numerous public talks on topics of Islam and comparative religion followed by Question and Answer sessions on the Invitations of Islamic centres, Mosques and Educational Institutions.

His Da’wah experience includes having successful one-on-one sessions, group discussions and polemics with leaders and prominent personalities of different faiths from multiple churches and temples presenting Islam and clarifying number of misconceptions about Islam. Alhumdulillah.

Br. Asif has also participated and taken sessions as a trainer in several Da’wah training programs. He also writes articles on Islam, comparative religions and social topics creating an awareness by presenting Islamic solutions to the problems in the society.

Dawahpedia Projects is yet another initiative by Br. Asif, striving with an ongoing mission, spreading the truth of Allah’s final message to mankind.

Dawahpedia Projects is primarily focused on correcting misconceptions and promoting understanding of Islam and strives to clarify Islamic view point, towards proper understanding and respect for Islam.

Some of the activities of Dawahpedia Projects include:

•Delivering Public Talks on Islam and Comparative Religion.
•Doing street Da’wah
•Da’wah in parks
•Setting up Da’wah booth distributing free copies of the Qur’an and Literature on Islam to Non Muslims.
•Writing Articles and Journals on Islam, Comparative Religion and Social topics presenting Islamic viewpoint and solutions.
•Conducting Da’wah workshops.

And many more.

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