At the Intersections: Building Better Supports for Racialized and Marginalized Survivors

To effectively support survivors, gender-based violence and racism cannot be talked about in isolation from one another.

Natasha Tony of Elevate Inclusion, Cory Kleisinger with Cedar Blankets: Building Wraparound Supports & Reducing Barriers for Indigenous Women and Children to Transition Houses and Safe Homes, and Jane Hurtig of Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network came together as a panel who discussed their work to address racism in the province of BC and engage with the question of, 'What do frontline workers need to know to support racialized and marginalized survivors?'

Parliamentary Secretary Nikki Sharma spoke and the session MC was EVA BC's Senior Manager, Prevention Services and Communications, Corinne Stavness. Carol Bilson, an educator and project manager with a passion for advancing community health and wellness with a focus on gender and anti-colonial work helped set the context for the panel conversation.
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