Assets Management in Odoo 16 Accounting | Odoo 16 Enterprise Edition Videos

The process of monitoring, organizing, and selling a firm’s assets is asset management. Machinery, cars, computers, and other equipment have been invested in a company recently, and these are fixed assets that we plan to use for multiple years. #odooaccounting

However, as time passes, the value of assets reduces widely. The evaluation of assets and the latest working conditions assist in understanding the loss or gain of a business. A firm should handle various assets, which becomes challenging in some cases. #odooenterprise

Odoo 16 Accounting module provides asset models management for your company and makes it easy to set depreciation in a specific duration. Users can develop various asset models for your firm with the help of the Odoo 16 Accounting module. 

We can configure asset models from the Configuration feature of the Odoo 16 Accounting module. It is easy to set the depreciation of an asset value in a specific situation.

For example, consider a situation in which you buy a computer with a gross value of Rs. 1200. Later, you decide to amortize it in three years, and the rate of a damaged computer is set to be Rs. 300 (salvage value) after three years.

Hence, the estimated value of the computer at the end of its lease term becomes Rs.900 (residual value). All the depreciation values are recorded automatically by Odoo after we configure the values correctly.

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