Asset Management Office 365

Asset Management Office 365:

Finding it difficult to stay on top of your preventative Maintenance schedule?

Struggling to track and manage your assets, including equipment, inventory, and infrastructure?

Overspending on repairs, replacements, and maintenance services?

Losing productivity due to equipment instability or breakdowns?

What if you had a central system to manage all your preventative maintenance?

Keep assets up to date and in working condition.

Prevent costly instability or complete breakdowns of your assets.

Eliminate manual research and filing.

Know your asset history and maintenance costs

Do all this in a single, central system.

Capitalize on an investment your organization already has in place... Office 365.

SP Facilities is a next generation SharePoint/Microsoft Teams application.

Unlike traditional standalone work order applications, SP Facilities is a complete operational portal that automates facilities and assets, processes, enables staff collaboration, and empowers employee self-service through a MyFacilities portal.

SP Facilities, Get a free demo today.

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