Assemed Laudos, Brazil - the winner of the Best Enterprise award

Assemed Laudos is a company in the health sector, has been working for 18 years in the diagnostic medicine segment providing medical services in Teleradiology and Telemedicine to Public and Private Institutions, currently present in 11 States of Brazil.

With a highly qualified medical team, Assemed Laudos offers technology combined with the quality, sustainability, and diversification of medical services to the general population.

The quality of the images is an ally of the medical team and the patient bringing the diagnostic result in short time. Teleradiology allows accurately detecting ever-smaller lesions through high resolution image capture capabilities remotely, effectively and with total privacy and data security, required by current laws.

With cost optimization, it is also possible to access these technologies by the Unified Health System (SUS). Our most recent partnership is in Estado de Tocantins, with a telerradiologyservice implemented in 18 public hospital units, issuing medical reports in various modalities, thus managing to democratize access to care and bring sustainability to the scenario and services.
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