Assembling the Avengers: Building and Scaling a CX Dream Team | Startup Boston Week 2021

Join a community of CX managers and People Operations experts as they discuss the do’s and don'ts of building as well as scaling a great customer support team. Some of the key questions the panel will discuss include:

-Should you be building your own CX team or outsourcing?
-How do you determine the perfect team size and how to structure incentive compensation to attract and retain CX all stars?
-What does basic documentation consist of and why it’s important.
-How to implement effective QA to level up your support team?
-What are the signs that you need to scale up your support team and how to do so?
-What growing pains can someone anticipate, particularly during high growth periods?

Startup Boston is rooted in the development and celebration of people who are pushing boundaries, solving tough problems, and asking every day—how might we do this better? Our events are designed to be a platform through which innovators can learn from and challenge one another, build new partnerships, strengthen ties, and celebrate both failure and growth.

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This panel discussion is part of the Customer Success and Customer Support Track for Startup Boston Week 2021. It is perfect for anyone looking to start and/or scale their CX team.
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