ASMR for people with short attention span

lens taps, rhinestone scratching, wooden ice cream, bubble trigger, book tapping, asmr tapping, trigger words, whispers, personal attention and more triggers to help you relax in a more faster paste style. hope u enjoyy!

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I'd love for you to watch the creators who inspired me to make this video!! they're incredible talented creators @asmrzeitgeist , @SassySoundsASMR

#asmr #sleep #personalattention

0:00 start
00:41 scratching behind your head
1:22 scratching metal mesh
1:45 rhinestone on collarbone
3:35 book tapping & tracing
6:40 ice cream toppings!!
10:16 high heel perfume
12:02 face brushing
12:59 bubble trigger w inaudible
14:04 butterfly blush scratching
15:15 lens taps & scratching

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