Ask The Expert | Johann Goree

Catch our live Ask The Expert Q&A session with Johann Goree who'll be sharing tips on how to kickstart your business.

Johann Goree CMgr FCMI - A Chartered Manager and the Managing Director of OnPoint Accounting Group who help accountants and bookkeepers maximise the value in their business now, and when they decide to exit their business.

Johann is a QuickBooks Advanced Certified Pro Advisor and works with the firms in the OnPoint Accounting Group to digitalise and automate their workflows allowing more time to be spent working with business owners helping them achieve their goals.

Our fully interactive Q&A sessions are hosted by a different business expert every day. Pick up valuable tips and advice and discover practical positive steps you can take in the months ahead. You ask all the questions — add yours in the comments section of YouTube or Facebook or use the #QBATE hashtag on Twitter.


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