Ask me Anything collection management, conversion and tech-talk for DJs

Topics covered during this live stream:
05:07 Welcome
12:11 New Pioneer ‘scratch’ mixer
14:26 Updated ATGR apps released : DJCU, ReCK and TCK
17:14 Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI 4.0 brings DVS to the iPhone/iPad/Mac
25:10 Conversion from djay Pro AI 4.0 to Rekordbox 6.6.3
29:54 Weeding out duplicate tracks in an iTunes/Music collection automatically
38:08 Conversion of only changed/added tracks from Rekordbox 6.6.3 to Traktor
48:20 Rekordbox 6 erasing CDJ USBs prepared with Rekordbox on a different computer
59:28 NAMM is this week check Twitch for live streams

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